Welcome to the global world of University of Delaware Dover.  We are proud to offer you the opportunity to obtain the skills you need to complete in global economy challenging all of us today. University of Delaware Dover was developed as an alternative to the traditional institutions of higher education for those persons who have been unable to experience college-level learning for various reasons. At our cooperation Canadian campus(Walton college ), we offer the bridge program to assist students who have not yet successfully complete their university courses. From its founding in 1997, the Walton College and the University of Delaware Dover have been committed to a credo that each individual is a unique and diverse person, and that society will benefit to the extent that each individual is able to add to the societal pool of talent and competence if given the opportunity to develop personal skills and knowledge. Within these years, University of Delaware Dover and Walton College have become a very successful educational institution. College instructors are well qualified (several with Masters and PhD Degrees) and widely experienced in their fields. Most have been teaching at colleges and Universities in Virgin Islands, Taiwan, Canada, and U.S.A for several years. Our instructors take an active role in encouraging and counseling students in achieving high academic standards and in selecting the programs that are suited to their interests, needs and abilities. University of Delaware Dover and Walton College have over 2,000 students enrolled in its programs and have large alumni that are enjoying the benefits of their educational experience. Many of our graduates are working in the high-level positions in business. Many of our graduates have been able to advance their careers after graduation.Candidates who obtain U.D.D. degree are qualified to apply same degree issued by University of Empresarial (http://www.unem.edu.pl) (fees pay separately).

Message from the President

Our Missions

To create, preserve and communicate knowledge, and thereby, contribute to the cultural, social and economic well-being of the people of Delaware Dover and the world.


Vision Statement

We believe that the University of Delaware Dover will be a leader among universities as it becomes known for meeting challenges while it advances knowledge and understanding. We will not only be the first of global universities we will also be among the best of global universities. We will be respected for our knowledge of the world and for our understanding of the complexities of our region in its cultural, socioeconomic and scientific dimensions, which we will articulate according to international standards of science and scholarship. We will be recognized for our centrality in the development of Delaware Dover's knowledge-based society in a knowledge-based global economy.


Founder of the University

University of Delaware Dover is established by the International American Association of Financial Management (IAAFM).  The Institute is accredited by IACUE (International Association for College and University Education),AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), ACBSP (The Academy of Collegiate Business Schools and Projects), Worldwide Classroom and also accredited by DETCA (Distance Education and Training Congress of Accreditation). University of Delaware Dover is also approved by the DETCA and IDETC (International Distance Education and Training Congress). The DETCA and IDETC Accrediting Commissions define, maintain, and promote educational excellence in distance education institutions.University of Delaware Dover is also an accredited member of ACICS (Accrediting Council of International Certificates and Societies ).

University of Delaware Dover admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin or handicapping condition to all the rights, privileges and activities accorded or made available to students at the University. University of Delaware Dover does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, and color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies or any other University administered program.

University of Delaware Dover offered degree programs. These programs are Associate in Arts, Bachelor degrees in Education and Engineering, Master degrees in Education, Electrical Engineering and Hotel and Restaurant, and Doctoral degrees in Education, Electrical Engineering, Business, Human Behavior and Psychology and foreign languages and pedagogy. Verification and information on degrees issued for these programs may be obtained from the university.

The program of is IAAFM known for its world-class certification and designation programs for working professionals. We now offer these programs to your organization, your people and your products.  Have your team take our program tailored around your products and customer segments. Or perhaps our Global Advance Project Management Program with deep-drive sessions based on upcoming campaigns and product launches.  IAAFM Program can be conducted around your chart of accounts and real-world costing and project control sheets from your specialized functions. Perhaps you need to develop risk or compliance competencies through the various programs. Tailored, globally relevant training provided by world-class experts. Global standards are crucial to the project management profession. Standards ensure a basic project management framework is applied consistently worldwide.

By attending this practical and informative program, you will:

·         Appreciate the benefits of accurate project management

·         Master the art of efficient project delivery

·         Use project analysis as a key business driver

·         Comply with major international project management standards

·         Successfully determine the appropriate technological solutions for your projects

·         Develop a comprehensive tool-kit for successful project management that you can use immediately

·         Become a professional project manager 

Queries should be directed to the following email address: viola@udd-edu.vn.  Currently enrolled students will be able to finish the program, if they have a valid student ID number and have been accepted into the University with a confirmed letter of Admissions.

You can reach us at University of Delaware Dover 20101 S.W. Birch St., Ste. #120, Delaware Dover Beach USA; Walton College (Vancouver/Canada) 180-4351 No.3 Road, Richmond, B.C. V6X3A7 Canada.

Email: viola@udd-edu.vn

The educational process is, by necessity, in a continual state of change. Therefore, this website should be considered informational and not binding on the University. Changes in some programs and institutional policy may occur after the launch of this website.

The program brochures and subsequent errata sheets are the final authority in regard to course offerings and revisions and requirements.