It is the mission of University of Delaware Dover to provide quality education and professional training adapted to the needs of mature adults. Faculty in both undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of Business Administration, Human Behavior/Psychology and Law provide this instruction.

Delaware Dover believes that the teaching/learning interaction is a mutual responsibility of the students and the faculty, with the learning outcome shared by everyone involved in the process. The University has the responsibility to provide the opportunity for and the stimulation of an enhancement in social and aesthetic growth areas.

The University also fosters the value of a lifelong commitment to learning. Delaware Dover does this through innovative programs that reduce barriers while maintaining the standards of quality. Toward this end, we have created programs that address the needs of society without limiting the educational delivery system. Our challenge is to assist the student in developing a program around individual interests and the synthesis of thinking and learning. Our faculty will provide a guided inquiry into the areas of knowledge, which is to challenge attitudes, beliefs and value systems. The student should successfully acquire and demonstrate breadth and depth of intellectual analytical and critical thinking along with self-expression.

Finally, the University sees its role as helping the student build the knowledge, skills and professionalism for a society that demands a responsible citizenry.